Exploring Maple Tapping: A Digital Guide to Curiosity
Exploring Maple Tapping: A Digital Guide to Curiosity
Tanglewood Hollow

Exploring Maple Tapping: A Digital Guide to Curiosity

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This PDF guide is 24 pages filled with everything you need to spark interest in the wonder of tapping maple trees for maple syrup.  Explore the tools, complete a science experiment, identify the tree, take a peek inside the tree, and so much more!  Download this guide and enjoy a tapping season filled with curiosity!

Download includes:

Maple Tapping Equipment: Explore the tools used during the tapping and sugaring process.
Identifying the Sugar Maple: Learn to identify the Sugar Maple properly.
How to Make Maple Syrup: Follow this simple step-by-step guide to learn how to make maple syrup.
Looking Inside the Maple: A glance inside the tree, showing the different layers within the bark.
Syrup Grades: Learn more about how they grade syrup.
The Science of Sap: A science experiment to help you discover why the sugar content in sap is so important to trees.
Sugar on Snow: An old recipe to enjoy together.
Sap Time: A poem.
Recommended Maple Tapping Books
Picture Study: Some real photos of the process to study and explore.

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