Pacific Coast Tree Finder Book
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Pacific Coast Tree Finder Book

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Enjoy learning to identify trees with this guide from author Tom Watts. With this handy, easy to use book, you’ll be able to identify a wide variety of trees along the Pacific Coast in no time. And it’s small size makes it just right for fitting into your pocket or pack when you go for a hike. This is the classic key to identifying native trees of the Pacific Coast, updated to reflect changes in the names of trees since publication of the first edition.

- identifies native trees, and some widely introduced or naturalized species, of the Pacific coast region, from British Columbia to Baja California.
- Uses Latin names of trees that grow in California that conform to the University of California is 1993 Jepson Manual, as well as more recent name changes.  
- Belongs to the finders series of pocket guides to native plants and animals of the United States and Canada.
- Uses a dichotomous key format for accurate identification, like all plant guides in the series. 

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