Knitting Fork and Wool Kit
Knitting Fork and Wool Kit
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Knitting Fork and Wool Kit

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A braiding fork or knitting fork, also called lucet, is used for making cords, a technique that probably dates from the Middle Ages and introduced by the Vikings. In contrast to cords that are made with, for example, a braid star, these cords consist of a series of loops that could be considered "knotted". This creates a very sturdy, square cord, which is very elastic and will not fully unravel when a thread snaps. There is no limit to the length, so you can make very long and strong cords.

The wood comes from locally owned forestry in Estonia. length: 6.29 inches (16 cm), oiled. Includes a manual.

This kit includes multicolored three-thread yarn which is particularly well-suited to be used in combination with our Lucet.

The variegation and quality of this 100% organic wool guarantees very colorful and sturdy cords. This wool is also excellent when used with knitting needles (US 6-8) and crochet hooks (G-J).

weight: 1.76 oz (50g).

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