Extreme Big Cats of the World Kit
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Extreme Big Cats of the World Kit

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Extreme Big Cats of the World is a hands-on, collectible kit that combines science and crafts. Teach children about the evolution of the big cat family, extreme cat ancestors, and how big cats have adapted to their environments. Use the full-color education and instruction booklet to gain an understanding of STEM concepts while creating your own cats to be proud of. Perfect for science fairs and class projects. For ages 6+. 

Activities include:
- Build and customize your own life-sized baby Snow Leopard and mother's paw. 
- Assemble a detailed 3D wooden model of a tiger.

The kit also includes a cat poster and all materials required for the craft activities.
Size of poster: 16.5 x 11.7"
Size of larger mold: 3.5 x 3"

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