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The Wild Family Guide: Summer '24 - Campfire Edition (Hard Copy + Digital Available)


Welcome to the Summer edition of The Wild Family Guide, a special campfire issue brimming with warmth, adventure, and the timeless joy of gathering around the glow of a crackling fire. As the days grow longer and the nights more inviting, we invite you to bask in the golden embrace of summer and immerse yourself in the enchanting experiences this season offers. 

In these pages, you'll discover the heart and soul of summer—an exhilarating season of exploration, creativity, and connection. From the art of building fires safely with children to the mouth-watering delights of cooking over open flames, each article is crafted to kindle your spirit of adventure and bring your family closer to nature.

Thank you for your purchase! Your support directly empowers creators, providing them with a platform to share their expertise on nature and family. Enjoy a summer filled with meaningful connections! 

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Table of Contents:

  • Summer Bucket List
  • Firebuilding with Kids
  • Lay a Campfire Six Ways!
  • Cooking over a Campfire
  • Creative Campfire S'Mores
  • The Magic of Campfire Stories
  • Crafting Charcoal Drawing Sticks
  • Happy Camper Bug Balm
  • Fruit & Herb Popsicles
  • Sun-Kissed Plum Gums
  • Golden Sun Weaving
  • Celebrating the Solstice
  • Crafting a Felted River Ball
  • Reimagining Environmental Education
  • Like a Moth to Flame
  • Garden Science
  • Build a Handwashing Station
  • Jewelweed Soap
  • Foraged Food & Scrap Tie Die
  • Cyanotype Printing on Clothing
  • Eat your Sunscreen
  • Making a Nature Mandala
  • Introducing the Art of Whittling to Children
  • Carve Mushroom Radishes
  • Embracing Spontaneity

At Tanglewood Hollow, we are always profoundly grateful to collaborate with such talented authors in the field of outdoor and adventure education. Their passion, expertise, and creativity bring our pages to life, inspiring our readers to explore and appreciate the natural world. In this issue, we are thrilled to feature contributions from a remarkable group of writers whose insights and experiences enrich our understanding and ignite our adventurous spirits.

Rachel Howard- @rachelhoward.25

Chenoa Pelligra- @peacewithnaturehandwork

Emily Elliott- @thegardeneronthego

Kara Earhart- @wildwhereyouare

Kristine Clay- @mamalibelula

Brigitte Gutgesell- @feralforestfolk

Franziska Shelton- @my_seasonal_treasury

Angela Meilleur- @acorns.and.aprons

Josée Bergeron- @thebackwoodsmama

Whitney Bangel- @hollowandhoot

Tim Swanson- @owleyeswilderness

Allyson Speake- @tanglewood_hollow


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Format: Digital Download
Format: Digital Download



Learn how to engage your family in a variety of outdoor adventures. Each guide is packed with step-by-step instructions, safety tips, and creative ideas to make outdoor exploration fun and educational for all ages.


Benefit from the knowledge and experience of leading experts in outdoor and adventure education. Our guides feature articles and advice from seasoned professionals, ensuring that your family's adventures are informed and enriching.


Enjoy content that aligns with the seasons and specific themes, making each guide relevant and timely. Whether it's building a campfire in summer or exploring winter wildlife, you'll find activities that suit the time of year and inspire seasonal engagement.


Strengthen family bonds while fostering a deep connection with nature. Each guide emphasizes activities and concepts that encourage teamwork, curiosity, and a love for the natural world, helping families create lasting memories together.


Encourage hands-on learning with creative projects and crafts that connect children to the environment. From making bug balm to crafting nature journals, these activities stimulate curiosity and enhance understanding of the natural world.

"As a mother and outdoor educator, I founded Tanglewood Hollow and The Wild Family Guide to reconnect families with the wonders of nature. In today's digital age, it's more important than ever to step outside, explore, and make meaningful memories together. The Wild Family Guide provides the tools, inspiration, and confidence families need to embark on these adventures, fostering a lifelong love for the natural world."

- Allyson, Founder of Tanglewood Hollow and The Wild Family Guide