Young Explorers Guide: A Guide to Curiosity
Tanglewood Hollow

Young Explorers Guide: A Guide to Curiosity

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This PDF guide is 19 pages filled with everything you need to spark interest in exploring our wild world.  Explore tools, Explore the tools, complete a science experiment, play awareness games, learn to use the sun to tell time, and so much more!  Download this fully-illustrated guide and get outside to explore!

Download includes:

Exercises: activities that get you more in-tune with nature and learning about the environment as an explorer.
- Owl eyes awareness
- Night vision practice
- Camouflage game
- Flash flood game

Skills to Learn: various outdoor explorer skills you may wish to learn to use and practice to survive and thrive in the natural world
- Compass skills
- Map of your yard & compass practice
- Make your own compass
- Telling the time using the sun
- Telling the time using your hand
- Camouflage practice
- Knot tying

Projects: hands-on projects with an emphasis on natural materials and exploring the outdoors
- Explorer calendar
- Nature journaling
- Nature 3D map
- Leaf man
- Making charcoal

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