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Unveiling Prehistoric Art: Journey into Ancient Creativity 3-Class Series

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Step into the captivating world of our prehistoric ancestors in this immersive three-part class series for children aged 7-12. "Unveiling Prehistoric Art: Journey into Ancient Creativity" invites young adventurers to embark on an exciting exploration of how art began in prehistoric times.

Throughout this engaging series, children will delve deep into the mysteries of prehistoric art, uncovering the secrets of early human expression. We will venture into the enchanting caves of Lascaux, where we will study the mesmerizing pictographs that adorned the walls thousands of years ago. Through storytelling and interactive activities, children will discover the significance of these ancient artworks and the stories they tell about our ancestors. Young artists will turn into early craftsmen as they learn how pigment and tools were made in prehistoric times. They will have the opportunity to experiment with natural materials, such as clay and plant-based pigments, and create their own primitive art pieces using techniques passed down through generations. The final session of the series will take children on a journey to the era of mammoths and cave dwellers. Inspired by the rich history and the materials used by our prehistoric ancestors, participants will have the chance to carve their own mini masterpieces on replicas of mammoth tusks. They will gain insights into the daily life, customs, and beliefs of early humans, sparking their imagination and appreciation for the ancient world.

Throughout the three-part series, children will engage in a variety of activities that blend history, art techniques, different mediums, storytelling, and more. By exploring prehistoric art, they will develop a deeper understanding of our shared human heritage and ignite their own creativity.

Join us on this thrilling journey back in time, where we will unearth the wonders of prehistoric art and inspire young minds to express themselves through the techniques and stories of our ancient ancestors.

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