The Wild Family Guide Autumn/Winter 2021
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The Wild Family Guide Autumn/Winter 2021

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Our mission is simple: helping families build a stronger connection with the natural world.  We believe in nurturing curiosity.  We believe there are never too many questions.  We believe in the itch to explore.  We believe in wonder.

The Wild Family Guide is packed with ideas to bring your family closer to nature and foster a magical childhood.

Our Autumn/Winter issue is only available through October 25th for $25!  With over 60 creators sharing their skills, everything from learning to craft with leaves, to making real mud play dough, to learning how to use a compass is inside.  Pumpkin cottages, hiking guides, inking with nuts, cooking with the moon, making outdoor theaters, identifying trees, discovering the life cycle of a snowflake, and so much more is packed into this collection!

It features:
- 100 products, including digital e-books, tutorials, patterns, recipes, stories, and so much more!
- materials for all ages
- materials that can be used worldwide
- completely secular materials.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to build a stronger connection with the natural world and reclaim childhood magic!


Wild Play
A Guide to Nature Walks (@simplyinthyme)
Family Bucket List (@journeyandlearn)
Hiking Bingo (@forest.roads)
Family Hiking Log (@lesliemmartino)
Building Family Connection through Hikes (@lesliemmartino)
Connecting with Nature through Playful Adventure (@birdieandbug)
Nature Walk Play Cards (@lindamydlak)
Real Mud Play Dough (@muddly_puddly)
Rock Tic-Tac-Toe (@thehendytribe)
Family Nature Walk (@forest.roads)
Finding Faerie Folk (@thewondercabinet)
Geocaching Guide (@cm_simplestudies)
Nature-Inspired Autumn Walks (@thimbleandtwig)
Low Waste Road Trip with Kids (@forest.roads)
Hiking with Children (@destinationmommy)

Wild Crafts
Acorn Activity Guide (@gathering.wildflowers)
Acorn Fine Motor Activity (@thehendytribe)
Adult Cozy Sweater Pattern (@rainbow.folk)
Animal Tracks Craft (@playful.petals)
Beeswax Candle & Fall Inspired Glass Tutorial (@lesliemmartino)
Felt Ornaments for the Nature Table (@heronandtheowls)
Autumn Leaf Activities (@montessorifromtheheart)
Autumn Leaf Lion (@visionsofplay)
Autumn Woodland Art (
Beeswax Leaf Wall Display (@northwoodsfolk)
Capturing the Leaves of Autumn (@frontierdreams)
Corn Husk Dolls Tutorial (@agracefilledspace)
Crafting with Leaves (@lindamydlak)
Crochet Stone Craft (@peacewithnaturehandwork)
Creating Art with your Nature Landscapes (@lesliemmartino)
Felted Stone Pouch Tutorial (@peacewithnaturehandwork)
Festive Fall Crafts (@littlestwildlings)
Gingerbread Leaf Tutorial (@withhisgrace)
Inking with Nuts (@hollowandhoot)
Leaf Print Bunting (@fromthestates)
Leaf Suncatchers (@playful.petals)
Light Adventure Sweater Pattern (@rainbow.folk)
Little Big Cozy Easy Kids Sweater Pattern (@rainbow.folk)
Nature Crafts & Projects (@wildflower.dwelling)
Nature Explorer's Pouch Pattern (@winterdragoncrafts)
Petal Stained Glass Tutorial (@1000hoursoutside)
Pumpkin Fairy Cottage (@cedarhouseliving)
Sierpinski Triangle Nature Crafts (@acorns.and.aprons)
Upcycled Bird Feeder (@thoughtfullysustainable)
Weaving Towards Winter (@littleacornlearning)
Weaving Wonder Guide (@the_harmony_tree_house)
Autumn Handcrafts (@educating.emery)
Children's Foraging Bag (@tanglewoodhollow)

Wild & Aware
Autumn Journal (@raising_up_wild_things)
Autumn Journal Posters (@raising_up_wild_things)
Botanical Rangoli (@cheritabita)
Calendar of Firsts (@rainbowsandfireflies)
Autumn, Pumpkins, Corn Nature Study (@treehouse_schoolhouse)
Colors of Fall Scavenger Hunt (@thehendytribe)
Curious Kids Club (
Early Winter Guide (@my_seasonal_treasury)
Exploring the Four Elements (@onwillowsbend)
Five Senses Scavenger Hunt (@simplyinthyme)
Flora in the Forest (@fireflynatureschool)
MOHS Hardness Scale Poster (@mydarlingchickadee)
Rocks & Mineral  Guide (@mydarlingchickadee)
Mushroom Memory (@waldorfdads)
Nature Up Close (@thistlesandbiscuits)
Poison Ivy, Oak, & Sumac Guide (@forest.roads)
Sit Spot Writing Activities (@discoverwildlearning)
Sky Journal (@learningbarefoot)
Temperate Forest Fauna (@fireflynatureschool)
The Magic of Ephemeral Art (@visionsofplay)
Worms Activity Guide (@northstarhomeschool)
Yearly Phenology Wheel for Northern & Southern Hemisphere (@raising_up_wild_things)
Wild Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms Guide (@acorns.and.aprons)
Backyard Birds Identification (@tanglewoodhollow)
Lifespan of a Snowflake (@tanglewoodhollow)
Types of Maples Identification Cards (@tanglewoodhollow)
Arbor Adventure Club Month (@tanglewoodhollow)
My Leaf Observation page (@tanglewoodhollow)

Wild Skills
The Ethics of Wild Foraging (@rather_be_home)
Trail Identification (@forest.roads)
Young Explorers Guide (@tanglewoodhollow)

Wild Dining
Apple Butter Recipe (@agracefilledspace)
Autumn & Winter Moon Recipes (@wanderandwoven)
Child-Friendly Recipes (@achildhoodsetapart)
Dining in Nature (@the.wholehome)
Edible Flower Cookies (@northwoodsfolk)
Foraging for Wild Chives (@simplyinthyme)
Mushroom Foraging in Autumn & Winter (@hollowandhoot)
Nourished- Adventure & Recipe Guide (@kindle_togetherness)
Winter Tea Apothecary (@rather_be_home)

Wild Home
Autumn to Winter in the Home (@stephaniegreen_waldorffamily)
Fall Transparency Tutorial (@beauty_of_play)
Outdoor & Indoor Theater (@forest.roads)
Pressed Autumn Leaves Window (@amandapahls)
Simmer Pot Recipes for the Fall & Winter (@littlepinelearners)

Wild Learning
Autumn Book List (@raising_up_wild_things)
Autumn Color Clip Cards (@thehendytribe)
Color & Count Acorn Clip Cards (@thehendytribe)
Early Years Autumn Pack (@thisgrowinglife)
October Bundle (@playroomactivities)
Toadstool Counting Cards (@tanglewoodhollow)

As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the PDF with access to your materials to your computer.

Please note that these are digital products and that nothing will be shipped to you.  Because of the nature of this product, refunds are not available.  Please read this description thoroughly.


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