Stockmar Opaque Colors
Stockmar Opaque Colors
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Stockmar Opaque Colors

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Stockmar's opaque watercolor set contains twelve highly pigmented colors.  As a result the colors are richer, and remain powerful even when heavily diluted.  Each watercolor pot can easily be removed and replaced, resulting in a very earth-friendly option for watercolor painting.

Stockmar Opaque colors are suitable for various different painting techniques; classic opaque painting (over painting), classic watercolor painting, lazure painting or techniques based on a mixture of approaches.  The included tube of opaque white can be used to mix and soften colors. Includes small parts and not suitable for children under 3 years. 

colors included: 01 carmine red, 02 vermillion, 04 golden yellow, 05 lemon yellow, 08 blue green, 10 ultramarine, 12 red violet, 13 rust, 15 black, 18 prussian blue, 33 orange and 36 sap green.

- A tin containing 12 opaque colors, tube of opaque white, paintbrush, and removable tin mixing palette

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