Pond Food Chain Collection

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This 17 page PDF collection includes both display and manipulative materials to ignite interest in your little pond explorer!

What is a Food Chain: This 8x10" display card gives an overview of what the food chain is and the different stages to it.  Easy to look at with crisp visuals.

Pyramid of Energy: This 8x10" display card features various animals and plants found near a pond and describes the different levels in the pyramid of energy (tertiary consumer, secondary consumer, primary consumer, and producer!)  Perfect to hang in your discovery area as a reference!

Energy Vocabulary Cards:  These 3.5x5" cards feature the different stages found within the pyramid of energy.  One set features an image, one set does not. 

Food Web: This 8x10" display card features the complex view of a pond food web, showing how the plants and animals are all interconnected with one another.

Arrows & Animal Cards: Cut out the various sized arrows and use them with the small plant and animal cards to create your own food web!  Blank cards are also included so that children can add their own plants and animals!

Classification Cards: These 3.5x5" cards feature a crisp image of each plant and animal featured on the pond food chain along with some information about the diet of the animal.  Use these cards as a reference or control when making your own food web!

Food Chain Cards: Four simple food chain cards have been included to show a more linear perspective to the food chain!  Also included are some blank versions for children to add their own plants and animals to.

Decomposer Card:  This 8x10" display card features decomposers and how they are an important final stage to the food chain.

Activity Page:  The final page in our collection features some resources (links to children's videos) and some activity ideas for using these materials!


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