Foraging Bag for Children

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Your little explorer will delight in this beautifully crafted canvas bag! Complete with a pocket inside for treasures, this bag is sure to make your outdoor adventures more fun! Featuring an embroidered mushroom and stone fabric lining. Each bag will come with a set of mushroom identification cards tucked inside, ready for foraging. 

These bags were designed specially for children who love to collect treasures along their hikes. We had been using  backpack and the level of frustration from having to enter the backpack was very high for my daughter. This bag was designed to have an open top for easy access, but is deep enough that treasures won’t escape with rough and tumble play that inevitably happens on adventures! It has a thick strap to sit comfortably on little shoulders and a small pocket to hold a magnifying glass, book, or little treasures! Each bag is machine washable so that after dirty worms have been emptied into the garden, mama can pop it in the wash and then air-dry it!