Extreme Dinosaurs of the World Kit
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Extreme Dinosaurs of the World Kit

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Extreme Dinosaurs of the World is a hands-on, collectible animal kit that combines science and crafts. Teach children about paleontology (the study of fossils and prehistoric life). The full-color, step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. Kids will gain an understanding of STEM concepts while creating their own dinosaurs to be proud of. This kit is perfect for science fairs, nature tables, and more! For ages 6+.

Make your own spinosaurus nest with eggs and an ‘egg stealer’ crime scene. Assemble and paint a detailed timber model of a velociraptor. Build and decorate a high-quality diorama of a prehistoric swamp to display the models. Hang the dinosaur poster and learn about the world’s most extreme dinosaurs.

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