Children’s Apothecary Set

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Delight you’re budding naturalist with this mini apothecary set! It is all set for your little one to learn more about healing plants and even collect some specimens themselves (with adult supervision!) 

Included is: 

  • wooden box, handpainted by me and featuring various plants found in the wild (with a bit of a whimsical touch!) All paint and sealer used is non-toxic, so it’s not only ready to be filled with natural items, it’s also safe for your little ones and the home!
  • Set of healing plant cards giving basic information for how they are used to heal. 
  • Wooden mortar and pestle woodburned and painted by my dear friend at Simple Gift Toys. 
  • Two small jars, an amber bottle, and a bottle with a dropper. 
  • A lovely little magical shell or stone! 

Add your own dried herbs and you are ready to create your own magical recipes! 

Because of the contents, it is not recommended that this is used with children who may put things in their mouth. Adult supervision is recommended.