Bat Specimen in Resin
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Bat Specimen in Resin

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There are more than a thousand species of Bat found all around the world, and they are incredibly diverse: from the tiny Bumblebee Bat to huge Flying Foxes with 6 foot wingspans. The forelimbs of a bat are webbed and developed as wings, making them the only mammals capable of sustained flight.

This specimen is a Japanese House Bat, or Japanese Pipistrelle, a kind of Vesper Bat native to Japan, Taiwan and Korea, which gets its name from its tendency to roost under the roofs and eaves of buildings. Like most vesper bats, the Japanese House Bat eats mainly insects and hunts at night, relying on echolocation to find its way around. This remarkable, delicate Bat specimen has been preserved and embedded in a clear block of sturdy Lucite, making it ideal for study, or perfect as an unusual piece of biology decor!

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