Aerogel Bottle
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Aerogel Bottle

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Aerogel is one of the most impressive materials humans have far.  

This gel comes in a 1oz vial (approximately 1 heaping handful) of silica aerogel particles—the world's lightest known solid material. Commonly called "frozen smoke", it is safe to touch, hydrophobic (repels water), and an outstanding insulator.

Aerogels are a group of materials in which the liquid portion of a gel has been replaced with a gas. It was first created as a result of a bet. Being the lightest solid material known, aerogels are up to 99.8% air. Its also has the lowest thermal conductivity of any know solid which means it makes a great insulator. Due to its high porosity, NASA has even used aerogel to collect interstellar dust particles in outer space. 

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