A Family Guide to Raising Monarchs for Education and Community Science
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A Family Guide to Raising Monarchs for Education and Community Science

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Have you wanted to raise monarchs before, but haven't been sure where to start?  This family-friendly guide will help you through the process of setting up a space to raise them, provide invaluable information about the life cycle stages, and offer lots of information on community science projects you can participate in.

Included in this PDF is:
- one 22-page guide on raising monarch butterflies.

Inside you will find:
- Gardening for Monarchs
- How to become a Monarch Waystation
- Native milkweed
- How to set up a Monarch research station in your home
- Life cycle printables
- Metamorphosis wheel activity for children
- Life cycle information
- Identifying if your Monarch is male or female
- Advocacy and conservation
- Community science projects
- How to tag a monarch butterfly
- Monarch annual wheel cycle

and more!

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