A Dozen Bird Eggs
A Dozen Bird Eggs
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A Dozen Bird Eggs

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This beautiful toy set is perfect for little hands to hold to feel the warmth of the wood, different sizes and curves, to roll, sort and count. Observe the lovely colors and speckles.

12 wooden eggs of different sizes are lathe turned in solid beech wood and beautifully hand-painted in Germany.
Use them as sensory toy, for imaginative play and as lovely decoration. Create an opportunity to talk about the life cycles of birds and grow a child’s love for nature.

Age 3+ Contains small parts.
- 12 wooden eggs, solid beech wood, non-toxic paint

Made in Germany

Please note:

This delightful set comes with a message for parents to teach children not to collect any real bird eggs from the wild.  This toy is intended for educational purposes and is designed to help learning through tactile & sensorial play.

The eggs are based on common farm eggs such as chicken, turkey, duck, goose, quail as well as a few inspired by other wild bird eggs.  All bird eggs are different and vary even from the same species. These are not exact representations of actual bird eggs, but based on a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and markings of many different eggs.

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