Fall/Winter 2021

Hello everyone!  We are so pleased you are joining us for our launch issue of The Nature Connection (Fall/Winter Issue)!  This collaborative project is to encourage families to spend more time outdoors, foster deeper connection with the natural world, and reclaim the magic of childhood.  You may wish to submit a printable, article, tutorial, pattern, or more!  The idea behind this project is that these are materials that families can USE throughout the next two seasons!  Please keep in mind that this is a secular collaboration.  Please do not include any religious content. 

Please use the following as a guide to help you through this process:

Promotion details:
October 18th is our launch date!  The sale will run from October 18th through October 25th.  We will not be adding any extra days of sales to this project.

Submission deadline: October 2nd.

Commission: Tanglewood Hollow provides a 60% commission rate on each sale for contributors.  Tanglewood Hollow will also have outside marketing beginning on October 19th, with 20% of all marketing sales collected in a pool and divided evenly amongst contributors.

To see projects that are in progress, please click here.

Overview Checklist:

- Complete the Independent Service Contract Agreement at the end of this page.

- Create a short bio for yourself.  Please write this in third person.  This can be simple (1 or 2 lines is satisfactory).

- Take a photo of yourself for the bio.  The image must be square.

- Create your product and prepare it for upload.  Each product should be a letter-size 8.5"x11" PDF.

- Take promotional photos.  These are photos that we will use for advertising.  We are looking for photos of items in use, finished projects, children and families outside, etc.  Think: childhood magic!  The image must be square and in decent resolution.

- Consider whether you would like to offer a special discount or offer to purchasers for items from your website.

- Fill out this form in it's entirety.  It will include your bio and other information.

Please use the following links to submit your items:
*** Please MAKE SURE that you use your first and last name FIRST in the title of your items you are submitting so that it is easy to locate them.  For example: Allyson Speake Fall Foraging.  Allyson Speake Bio Photo.  Allyson Speake Promotional Photo 1."***

Bio Photo
Promotional Photos

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