Wild Child Chronicles Six Month Subscription

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For six months, receive a letter in the mail each month from “Evie and Alexander”, a sibling pair that loves to explore the wild outdoors. Each letter is delightfully illustrated and handwritten from the children delivered right to your door, addressed to you!  All the fun they have outside, the discoveries they make, the things they learn, and more - written in each letter and sent each month straight to your mailbox.  What will the children be exploring next?  

If you are subscribing before the 10th, your first letter will mail by the 12th.  If you are subscribing after the 10th, your first letter will mail within 2-7 business days. 

Please be be sure to enter the correct shipping address if this is a gift. 

Due to the amount of time put into the design of each Wild Child Chronicles letter, refunds are not available for the six month prepaid subscription. If you are feeling unsure about the prepaid subscription, I urge you to look into the month-to-month option in which you can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time.

The six month pre-paid subscription will not renew after the six months are complete. If you would like for your subscription to renew, please contact us for support. 

‘’There is no additional charge for shipping this product!