Mushroom Identification Cards

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Delight your little mycologist with this set of montessori-inspired mushroom identification cards!

Mushroom/Fungi Cards:  Each card includes a crisp image of a mushroom and corresponding identification information such as the scientific name, where the mushroom can be found, and any significant features. 

This set includes a PDF of 10 different cards, each measuring 4x6".

Species Included:

  • slippery jack
  • fly agaric
  • chanterelle
  • Devil's bolete
  • death angel
  • hen of the woods
  • honey fungus
  • saffron milk cap
  • yellow morel
  • oyster

** WARNING: many species of fungus are poisonous or contain chemicals that can cause sickness. Never pick and eat any species of fungus that you cannot positively recognize or are unsure about. Some species are deadly poisonous and can cause death within a few hours if swallowed.

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