Leaf Bingo Game

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Explore your backyard with this bingo game that will help your little ones learn how to identify common trees!

Leaf and Seed Bingo Game: Included in this PDF download are four different bingo game boards featuring nine different leaves/seeds. Each board includes crisp images of leaves and the corresponding seeds from the tree. The 9 cards to draw include the tree name for identification.

How to play:
Prepare: Print and cut out bingo boards for each person, plus a sheet of loose "call" cards.
Distribute: Give each player a bingo board (each of the four cards is different!)
Call: The caller should pull out one "call" card from a non-see-through bag and either show the card or recite the name of the tree.
Marking Image: Children will then use small objects such as acorn caps, wooden tree rounds, coins, or buttons over the image if it is called on their card.
Winning: Once a predetermined pattern is made on a card, the child with that card calls out BINGO!

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