Autumn Collection

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This 25 page PDF collection includes 9 different autumn-related products and is perfect for your cool-weather adventures!


Apple Life Cycle Cards: Six cards to be used with loose parts or clay to recreate the stages of the apple life cycle. 

Apple Anatomy Print: One 8x10" anatomy print featuring the crosscut of an apple. Each print features the most important parts of the anatomy with clear images and words.

Apple Life Cycle Print: An 8x10" print for you to display that features 6 stages of the apple life cycle.

Apple three-part cards: eight different apple varieties; each with a control card, photo-only card, and label card.

The Story of how the apple got its star: a traditional Waldorf tale to be told when cutting open an apple.

Apple Variety Cards: eight cards featuring crisp images of apples and their identifying features. Perfect for apple taste-testing!

Harvest Squash Puzzle: 10 different varieties of squash/gourd to be paired together. Once paired, you will discover the name of the squash!

Anatomy Prints: Three 8x10” anatomy prints featuring the squirrel, acorn, and wheat. Each has crisp images and simple, clear words for children to use. 

The Legend of the Three Sisters: Tale and props of the Native American legend of corn, beans, and squash. 


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