Weekly Lesson Planning Template

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Planning homeschool lessons can be a real challenge. As a parent, we all know that things can pop up at any time, ruining the best-laid plans. You know what I’m talking about- paint spilled on the carpet, the dog is ill and needs to go to the vet, it’s a beautiful sunny day and everyone wants to be outside enjoying the fresh air. It happens. This template is what has worked best for us in planning our year. Instead of scheduling specific items for each day, we have used this template as a checklist for each week. There is no getting behind, no stressing, no fussing about not completing a specific task on a specific day. Just an overview of the week ahead and a loop schedule. 

This PDF consists of four template patterns for you to fill in however you’d like and an explanation on how to use them as well as how to start using loop scheduling in your own home! 

Print as many times as you’d like for your own personal use! 

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