American Sycamore Arbor Adventure Club Box

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Introducing our American Sycamore Arbor Adventure Club box!

Join on us on our adventure and learn about how trees are measured, why sycamores are so unique, how they were used in the past, how to identify the tree, and so much more!

The American Sycamore box includes:
- hand-carved American Sycamore leaf stamp by Enchanting Stamps
- stamped iron-on leaf patch for your explorer vests or hiking packs
- American Sycamore trade card to add to an Arbor Adventure Club Book
- copy-work cards to use with an Arbor Adventure Club Book
- two activity cards
- a history card featuring short stories and excerpts from explorer journals about the sycamore tree and how it was used in the past
- American Sycamore seeds to plant
- a length of twine for learning to measure trees
- display card featuring the tree, leaf, and seed
- story featuring Evie and Alexander, a brother and sister, and their adventures IN a sycamore tree. Illustrated by Brittany Huston of Awareness Critters.

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Please note: additional materials such as wooden pencil, magnifying glass, microscope, and tree are not included in this listing.